My practice is an organic process, where new paintings grow slowly. I continue with exploring questions which for me are immutable: belonging, connection, time, self/other, existence as part of the web of life. Painting is my attempt to always get closer to those questions, rather than finding answers.

I paint from that sensed, symbolic and playful reality which is shadowed by the society that calculates and rationalizes everything. The paintings depict experiences of the living world and remind the viewer of life as both ephemeral and continuing.

The gallery views are from my recent solo exhibition “Leaf green, sky blue” at Gallery Saskia, Tampere, May 2022

Click thumbnails for separate images:

  Kukkiva puu / Blossoming tree, 2022, 150×145, oil on canvas

     Syystammi / Autumn oak, 2021, 150×145, tempera, wax crayon, oil on canvas

  Pihlajat / Rowan trees, 2021, 150×145, tempera and oil on canvas

Lehden muisti / Leaf’s memory, 2022, tempera and oil on canvas

 Pilvet nousevat / Clouds arise, 2022, 40×35, aquarelle, oil pastel, oil on canvas

Niitty / Meadow, 2022, 100×100, tempera on canvas

 Villiomenapuu / Wild apple tree, 2022, 160×130, tempera and oil on canvas

Maailmanpuu/ World’s tree, 2022, 145×150, oil and oil pastel on cavas

  Puolikuu / Half moon, 2022, 40×35, aquarelle and tempera on canvas

Pääsky / Swift, 2022, 40×35, aquarelle, tempera and oil pastel on canvas

    Unessa / Dreaming, 2022, 40×35, oil on canvas

  Puolikuu (paperille) / Half moon (on paper), 2022, 21×15, tempera and aquarelle on paper

  Puutarhan porttien takana / Beyond garden gates & Kevät / Spring, 2022, 21×15, tempera and aquarelle on paper

  Yö / Night & Sade / Rain, 2022, 21×15, tempera and aquarelle on paper

Lapsuuskoti / Childhood home, 2022, 290×191, tempera and oil on canvas