In a strange place

I paint large scale canvases, and smaller paintings on wood panels and paper. My paintings can often be looked as intuitive maps. I combine known symbols and invented marks and look for new ways of knowing and using the paint. I look into the history of the modern knowledge system for creating my own ontological suggestions of an experience of being inside the world, not outside it.

I indulge in the materiality of paint, the layered meanings, and the immediacy, that the paint and the color create.

My main medium is painting, but I occasionally work with installation, video and printmaking projects.

My studio in Helsinki is normally open for visits. I am currently in Santa Cruz, California for the spring.


MFA 2018, Academy of Fine Arts, Finland

2015-Phd candidate, Social sciences, University of Helsinki.

Master of social sciences 2012 (social and cultural anthropology), University of Helsinki

Latest exhibitions:

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, Open studio exhibition Oct and Nov 2018

Solo show at Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, February 10th- March 4th 2018

Upcoming exhibitions:

Solo exhibition at gallery Napa, Rovaniemi, Finland, September 2019

Solo exhibition at gallery Pictor, Nummela, Finland, March 2020


A full CV by request!